Ninjutsu is an ancient art used by ninja shadows that originated in Japan. It is a unique method of thinking and moving that develops the art of winning. Ninjutsu deals with spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of students, so it’s a complete fighting system. The techniques involved in ninjutsu include ground fighting, throws, multiple attacks, cover locks, and modern weaponry as well as traditional ninjutsu weaponry. This ninja art has no restriction on types of available fighting techniques to be used.

This complete fighting system did not come into being well defined and specific at the first place. Many centuries have passed before this fighting system has been established and become independent. The Ninja did not use the name they have at the beginning. They are simple practitioners of this fighting technique, which is opposite to the cultural rulings of the Japanese Samurai Class. Ninjutsu is a highly illegal counter culture that went underground. For this reason, this art of fighting has been shrouded for centuries and became a mystery, which deliberately led to confusion in the Japanese history.

It was said that ninjutsus started in AD 637 when a warrior monk, En no Gyoja started a Ninjutsu school – Shugendo Dojo at the Togakure mountains. His teachings were carried for over 500 years. In 1165, Daisuke Nishima was born in his sect. In 1165, The Shugendo Warriors have been crushed by the Heiki Troops, and Nishima was forced to flee at the Iga province. He met Kain Doshi, a mystic warrior priest. Nishima studied the mystic warrior art of Doshi and adapted it to his own Shugendo techniques. He then changed his name to Daisuke Togakure and his rebirth also gave birth to Togakure Ninjutsu Ryu.

Ninjutsu was originally an underground technique, but it is now a recognized fighting system. This condemned assassin technique is now a powerful and positive way of life in which it is a working knowledge of universal laws, harmony in nature, and intuitive realization of the future and learned from the experience of ninja ways.

The word ninjutsu has a great meaning. The “Nin” of ninjutsu can mean perseverance, forbearance, and endurance in both mental and physical aspects. The “Nin” also means stealth, concealment, or secrecy. The Japanese ideogram for Nin pertains to the “heart” and “blade”. Simply, Ninjutsu means that the will or the heart is channeled directly into the blade making it an effective tool for defeating enemies.

In addition, Nin also is the broader concept of controlling the mind, perception, and body of right and wrong. The “Jitsu” or “Jutsu” simple means school. Having the ability to focus the mind and the heart as one on your task makes the blade efficient.

There are plenty of Ninjutsu schools in the country, but the true way to learn this complete fighting system is to train under a ninja master. In this way, you can learn everything that you need to know about this Ninja art. Ninjutsu has taken its place in the society and the history, and will not be forgotten.